Sunday, April 29, 2012

Dirty Dentures? Dangerous MRSA May Be Lurking

American College of Prosthodontists 
Here’s some bad news for the estimated 20 million people in the U.S. who wear full or partial dentures: There’s a good chance your choppers are covered with thin layers of icky, sticky bacteria known as biofilms.
Worse, some of the biofilm germs may be bad bugs such as MRSA, or drug-resistant staphylococcus aureus bacteria, which can lurk on the dentures until they’re breathed into the lungs, where experts fear they may cause nasty, hard-to-treat infections.
Fortunately, a team of scientists in Brazil has come up with two simple solutions that seem to work: Zap your dentures in the microwave for three minutes, or soak them in a solution of 2 percent chlorhexidine gluconate, (ie- Peridex), a germicidal mouthwash, for 10 minutes. But dentures that contain metal shouldn’t go in the microwave and the harsh chemical rinse might be too strong for daily use.
A third option, soaking the dentures in sodium hypochlorite, was effective only in the short term.
But the microwave approach, which zaps dentures with 650 watts, may be novel.
We do know there are links between the bacteria in the mouth and systemic effects throughout the body.
Concern about biofilms on dentures is growing as researchers continue to identify links between oral bacteria and heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or COPD, and respiratory diseases, including aspiration pneumonia.
 Dentures act as kind of a reservoir for the biofilms, allowing bacteria within them to multiply and thrive. Bacteria and yeast can embed themselves in the porous acrylic material of the dentures.
When people get cuts or lesions in their mouths, the bacteria from the biofilms can migrate into those tiny wounds, leading to systemic illness.

There are still a lot of patients who have gone 30 years wearing their old dentures. Studies have shown many denture wearer's don’t clean /scub them well. They just take them out & rinse them in the shower.
Instead, denture-wearers should wash their false teeth daily, with a stiff brush and soap and water, not toothpaste.
The mechanical action works better, You really need to scrub., Follow with a mouthwash rinse to make them taste better. In addition, it is recommened to brush the inside of your cheeks, palate & tongue.
As dentists, we also recommend when someone has a cold or flu to replace their toothbrush.”

Saturday, April 28, 2012

OMG! Nothing Like A Women Scorned!!

Pulled Teeth
Marek Olszewski (not pictured) got all his teeth pulled by his dentist ex-girlfriend, whom he'd just dumped.
Breaking up is never easy -- having 32 teeth ripped out is even worse.
A scorned dentist is facing jail time after surgically removing all of her ex-boyfriend's teeth after he dumped her, authorities in London said.
Marek Olszewski, 45, made the mistake of scheduling an appointment this week with his ex -- 34-year-old Anna Mackowiak -- for a toothache, according to the Daily Mail.
So Mackowiak allegedly did what any burned beau with a set of pliers and some anesthetic would do: she doped him up, pulled out all his teeth, and wrapped his head with bandages so he wouldn't notice until he left her office.
"I tried to be professional and detach myself from my emotions," she told the news site. "But when I saw him lying there I just thought, 'What a b-----d.'"
Olszewski could tell something was wrong when he awoke and couldn't feel any teeth in his mouth. But he said Mackowiak assured him that he'd be fine once the numbness wore off, NDTV reported.
"I didn't have any reason to doubt her -- I mean I thought she was a professional," he said.
He was wrong.
"But when I got home I looked in the mirror and I couldn't f--king believe it," he said. "The b--ch had emptied my mouth."
Worse, Olszewski's new girlfriend dumped him because, well, she couldn't date a man without any teeth, the Daily Telegraph reported.
Mackowiak is under investigation for medical malpractice and abusing the trust of a patient. She could face three years in jail for the alleged stunt.

Friday, April 27, 2012

It Is Time To Get Hooked On Healthy! JAKE'S MINT CHEW Is A Great Alternative !

Is a non-tobacco,natural,long cut chew made of mint instead of tobacco. Nicotone free, good for digestion & good for your breath.

Chew Healthy,Chew Mint!

Quitting can saves lives!
 If you have decided to quit smoking, hats off to you !

You won't chew tobacco if you look at its hazards

The nicotine can be consumed by chewing tobacco apart from smoking and sniffing .If you believe that only smoking is injurious, certainly not. Any form of nicotine consumption is injurious. Tobacco is bad for health, no matter in what form you take it the ill effects are always there. Tobacco are leaves of plant that are used in dried form, they are high in nicotine and consequently addictive in nature.
Erodes Tooth

The ingredients of tobacco consist of gravels, sand, and other harmful chemicals that erode the enamel of tooth. Continuous chewing leads to early loss of tooth.

Early Decay Of Tooth

Chewing leaves small particles in tooth that forms bacteria and plaque, it harms enamel and gums, which leads to decay of tooth.

Gum slump


There is nothing as bad as bad breadth of a person, they are major turn off for people around them. The long-term habit of chewing and spitting is unacceptable and looks indecent.

Affects Eating Habit 

Eating habit of people who chews tobacco tends to be unhealthy, continuous chewing affects the taste bud and the sensitivity of them decreases. This leads to an increase in intake of more salt, sugar and spices in food as he feels a bland taste in his mouth.


The above effects of tobacco is just the beginning of trouble for people who chew, it has more deep rooted and life threatening effects. Chewing of tobacco has major or near to fatal effect on addicted people. The major areas where they proved to be fatal are:
  • Damage to tongue, jaw and lips
  • Lung Cancer
  • Oral Cancer
Damage to tongue, jaw and lips

As mentioned above chewing leads to the early decay of tooth, bad breadth, damaged gums and falling of tooth. The addiction of tobacco affects the area around the mouth. The tongue and jaws face the following problems:
  • Dis-coloring of lips and lip cancer
  • Sore Throat
  • Difficulty in movement of jaws and tongue
  • Rashes or irritation on tongue
  • Burning sensation on lips and tongue
Oral Cancer

Continuous chewing process leaves infectious juices on tooth and lips. These develop in white patches that can be considered as an early symptom of oral cancer.

People who indulge in tobacco chewing have higher risk of oral cancer to people who take alcohol. The most infected area in oral cancer is the tongue and the area below the tongue.
Oral Cancer

The cancer slowly spreads to cheeks and throat. Though it can attack any part lips, tongue, upper and lower mouth, the cheeks, or gums and esophagus.

It is very important to go for early diagnosis as soon as one feels suspicious.

Lung Cancer

Smoking>>>Lung Cancer

Chewing tobacco leads to oral cancer but it is not the end of it can spread the disease in lungs and linings of stomach.

Reports show that 90% of lung cancers are cases of people who either smoke or chew tobacco. Destructive agents termed as carcinogens in tobacco injure the cells in the lungs. Over a period of time, these spoiled cells may develop into lung cancer.

Chewing leads to decomposing of gums, the gums get infected and the grip on tooth loosens which exposes the sensitive area of tooth.

Bad Breath 
The high content of nicotine makes it very addictive, once a person gets addicted to smoking, chewing or sniffing it becomes difficult to leave it. At times efforts fail and person goes back to taking tobacco.

Chewing of Tobacco

Chewing tobacco also known as smokeless tobacco is equally bad as smoking. It is a myth that chewing is not as harmful as smoking. Chewing tobacco is made of tobacco, nicotine, sweeteners and chemicals. The continuous chewing process gives a constant high to the person. This high leads gives temporary relief from stress and anxiety. Small temporary relief leads the person to use it frequently and before the person realizes he is addicted.
Chewing Tobacco

Effects of Chewing tobacco leads to numerous side effects, which can be internal or external. The main harmful effects of tobacco

Come on now, it's time to get hooked on healthy.  There is no better time to quit dipping.  JAKE'S MINT CHEW can help you do it!!!!


April is National Facial Protection Month

April is National Facial Protection Month – encourage children to protect their face and teeth with the right kind of sports gear.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Setting The Record Sraight on Radiographs!

Setting the Record Straight on Radiographs

The Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) Sets the Record Straight on Dental X-rays and Usage..

Main Sail Art Show, St Peterberg Florida

Shawn & I spent the day with Friends/Jewlers Randy & Tut Polk. Check out their wonderful work @

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Don't Forget To Brush After Eating These Surprisingly Sugary Foods!

Sugar In Food: 8 Eats With More Than A Twinkie
In February, McDonald's oatmeal was "outed" for having more sugar than a Snickers bar, despite being marketed as a "healthier" breakfast option than some of the fast-food chain's more well-known fare. In 2009, the American Heart Association recommended that women eat or drink no more than 20 grams

Food For Thought!

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Bad Breath?

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The sights, sounds & smells of our office may surprise you!  We pride ourselves on creating a warm, comfortable setting for our patients.  We use the latest technologies to bring you the best dental care in a homey, relaxing atmosphere.  If you would like to visit our practice before dental treatment please stop by for a visit.

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Have a Good Friday!  Wishing everyone a Safe and Enjoyable weekend celebrating Easter w/ your Friends & Family

Happy Passover!

Wishing all that celebrate,  a Safe & Happy Passover Holiday w/ your Friends & Family.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Color Aligners! Which one will you choose?

Invisalign clear aligners will now be available in your favorite colors this spring! Blue, green, purple and orange – which will you, choose?
Sprout Social Photos
Kinda defeats the purpose of CLEAR ALIGNERS, but cute!

Oral Cancer Awareness Begins Today!

Make sure you are being screeened as part of your regular oral disease prevention appointments. (ODP)
<​p>Kevin Henry, managing editor of <​em>Dental Economics<​/em>, recently sat down with two survivors of oral cancer to discuss