Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween

Remember to brush & floss your teeth after enjoying all your sweets!
Wishing everyone a Happy and Safe Halloween.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

A Few Kind Words!

The Baby Banana Brush Teether!

The Baby Banana Brush Teether
You may not be able to predict exactly when the teething fairy will pay a call, but a number of signs can show she's on the way.  Of course these symptoms can vary from baby to baby.  For one baby, teething means lots of discomfort & big time tears, while another child might breeze right through to a mouth full of teeth w/o a complaint.  Still, you can expect to see some signs of teething. 
  1. Drooling
  2. Coughing (drooling)                                                                            
  3. Gum swelling & sensitivity
  4. Irritability or fussiness
  5. Cheek rubbing & ear pulling
  6. Diarrhea
  7. Biting behavior
  8. Refusing food
  9. Not sleeping well
  10. Low-grade fever
  11. Cold like symptoms (runny nose,etc.)
  12. Chin or face rash (drooling)
 The Baby Banana Brush Teether (designed for 3mos or older)  has no sharp edges or anything that could poke your baby. And this Teether is both dishwasher safe & freezer friendly. 
  • You may also purchased the Baby Banana Brush Teether @ Babies "R" Us

Monday, October 24, 2011

Keep Fluoride In !

Fluoridating the public water supply is the most cost effective means of preventing dental decay with positive effects ranging throughout all ages.  The constant contact of low concentrations of fluoride in the oral cavity that occurs when people drink fluoridated water has been shown to significantly reduce dental decay.
Dentist say by ending fluoridation in Pinella's County will effect all, especially children of low income families.(
"It reaches people of all socioeconomic groups", said Dr. William Bailey, Chief Dental Officer of the US Public Health Services & acting director of the division of oral health @ the centers for Disease Control & Prevention.  He called the County's recent decision "disheartening".

Friday, October 14, 2011

Ergonomics & the Dental Professional

  • "The chair you sit in & the bed you sleep in should be your most valuable investments for your back health." Linda Meeuwenberg, RDH, MA, MA, FADIA
  • Embrace a healthy lifestyle.  Exercise daily including aerobic & strength building especially in the core, neck, shoulders.
  • Practice deep breathing & stretching exercises throughout the day for a mini break.
  • Get proper diagnosis. Work with a specialist in neck/back/shoulder disorders. Physical/Occupational Therapy.
  • Invest in magnification & lighting systems that correct posture. Don't sacrifice on cheap systems as they can increase your pain/discomfort.
  • Ignore symptoms and more permanent problems will follow.
  • LAUGH often! Life is short!
    Thank you Linda for an informative & enjoyable presentation -"Postural Stress-Managing Occupational Pain" @ the Sarasota County Dental Association (SCDA) last night!

    For more information on the role of Ergonomics & the Dental Professional visit Linda's Website @

    Thursday, October 6, 2011


    Love this!


     Chewing Sugarless gum is an enjoyable way to help fight cavities & provide a good clean feeling
    What Causes Tooth Decay?
    Plaque acids are one of the main causes of tooth decay (Caries).  They are produced after you eat or drink by bacteria that live in your mouth.
    Immediately after eating, plaque acids attack your teeth & dissolve important minerals on their surfaces.  This weakens your teeth & can lead to decay over time.
    How does sugar free gum help protect teeth after meals?
    Chewing sugar free gum increases the production of saliva by 10 times the normal rate.  Saliva contains essential minerals such as calcium and phosphates which not only neutralize the acids,but help repair early tooth damage & decay.
     Chewing sugarless gum Increases production of saliva 10x the normal rate