Sunday, July 21, 2013

Famous Dentist Trivia

Paul Revere – known for his famous ride and his work as a silversmith, put ads in a Boston newspaper offering his services as a dentist. Revere , in fact, is the first person known to use dental forensics, to identify the body of a colonial colonel killed at the Battle of Bunker Hill by the bridge appliance he wore

Doc Holiday – helped Wyatt Earp win the OK Corral Shootout.
Thomas Welch – his company was the first to bottle grape juice
Zane Gray – wrote best selling Western Novels.

William Morrison – invented the machine that makes cotton candy in 1897 and unveiled at the World’s Fair in 1904 in St. Louis . He was called “Fairy Floss”.

Horace Wells – first dentist to use nitrous oxide “laughing gas” as an anesthestic for dental work in 1844.

Grant Wood – famous artist of painting “American Gothic”. The stone-faced farmer was his dentist.

George Washington – first President of the United States was the most famous dental patient of Dr. Greenwood. He had several sets of dentures that were made out of ivory. His teeth were not made out of wood!

Finally, a pot that stirs itself : invented by a Japanese dentist

The Kuru-Kuru Nabe is, in essence, a self-stirring saucepan, and it was invented by a humble Japanese dentist.
Hideki Watanabe lives in Iyo, in south-west Japan

Toothbrushing, Make it a Family Affair!

Positive reinforcements make brushing fun – Encourage your son/daughter to brush their teeth by making it a rewarding experience. Keep track of your child’s brushing habits throughout the week. Make sure to tell them “good job” after each time brushing. Get them excited about showing you their teeth by asking to see their bright white smile. If you are excited, your child will be excited too!

Make it a family affair – Brush your teeth with your children. Let them see you taking care of your smile. Children are more likely to follow healthy habits when they see their parents practicing healthy habits as well.

Encourage healthy choices – Don’t just teach your kids to brush their teeth, also teach them the importance of healthy eating.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Animal Trivia- Fun Dental Facts!

An Elephant’s tooth can weigh over 6 pounds. That’s heavier than a big jug of milk!
As a horse ages, their gums recede, making their teeth look longer.
The long their teeth, the older they are.

Sharks have an unlimited supply of teeth

Minnows have teeth in their throat

Fangs are not found is all snakes, but all snakes do have teeth, usually 6 rows worth, The teeth are curved backwards, just like barb on a fishing hook which keeps their prey from escaping
The mammal that has the most teeth is the long snouted spinner dolphin with 252 teeth.
Dogs have 42 teeth while Cats have 30
Aardvark teeth have no enamel coating and are worn away and regrown continuously  

Turtles and Tortoises are toothless


Rabbits, squirrels & rodents teeth never stop growing. they keep
A Crocodile replaces its teeth over 40 times is a lifetime
them worn down by gnawing on hard foods like bark

Even though Whales are very big ,some do not have teeth.. They have rows of stiff hair liked combs that take food from the ocean