Saturday, August 29, 2015

7 Bad Habits For Your Teeth

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1. Not Visiting The Dentist
You brush, floss and even use the water pik to remove plaque. Even though you think you are doing a great job, this does not mean you should skip your regular  (3mo.,4mo.,or 6mo.) professional cleanings.

2. Not Brushing & FlossingImage result for importance of brushing and flossing teeth
You probably do not realize just how damaging skipping brushing @ least twice a day as well as flossing once a day can be to your dental health.  Interesting statistics from a 2014 Health and Well being survey found that more than 30% of Americans do not brush enough, and 23% have actually missed two or more days without brushing at all!.  When it comes to flossing, only 40% of people floss at least once a day, and 20% just do not floss . The reason we need to brush & floss is to remove the food debris & bacteria that exist in our mouths. Leaving this bacteria around will allow it to colonize and produce acids that break down the teeth resulting in caries (decay) and Periodontal (gum) Disease.Image result for importance of brushing and flossing teeth

3. The Horizontal Scrub (brushing side to side )
Proper tooth brushing technique is important to learn to help thoroughly clean all surfaces of your teeth without causing damage to your teeth & gums (gingiva).  Always use a soft toothbrush! When using a manual toothbrush, one method recommended is brushing in small circles for at least 2 minutes, instead of side to side. Aggressive horizontal scrubbing with abrasive toothpastes (ie-whitening toothpaste) may cause , overtime, damage to both your teeth and gums. When using an electric toothbrush,(follow the manufactures directions), allow the brush to do the work.  Applying additional force may also harm both your teeth and gums.Image result for tooth brushing techniques

4. Choosing a Non-Fluoride Toothpaste
Some toothpastes, especially the natural ones, brand themselves as fluoride free. The fact is that you need fluoride to achieve the healthiest teeth possible. Using a fluoridate toothpaste acts like a delivery system to delivery concentrated amount of fluoride to all the surfaces of your teeth.  Fluoride can help replace the mineral worn away by bacteria-producing acids.

5. Using Your Teeth As A Tool                          

Avoid using your teeth to open bags, bottles or even biting your finger nails. This can be damaging to your pearly whites! Take the time to find a scissors or bottle opener. As an adult, your teeth's edges become worn and thin,making it very easy to break your teeth                                                                          Image result for opening bottles with your teeth                       

6. Chewing Ice       
Your teeth are not made to resist fracture from that kind of force placed on your teeth when chewing ice. ( as well as popcorn kernel's ,fruit pits...)) Part of chewing ice is the thermal aspect. Subjecting your teeth from hot to cold, which tend to make things expand and contract very slightly. This can cause micro-cracks in your enamel & overtime, these small cracks build up and one day may cause your tooth to fracture.

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7. Nursing A Sugary Drink All Day
Sipping all day on a sugary drink ( ie- Pop, Sport/ Energy Drinks,  Image result for sipping on sugary drinksthroughout the day is feeding your mouth's bacteria (plaque) sugar all day long. (plaque + sugar = acid). If you drink a sugary drink, drink it all at once and then brush your teeth .  If you are unable to brush, rinse your mouth with water or chew sugarless gum to activates your saliva to help wash away some of the sugars.  Remember, when it comes to sugar, frequency can be more damaging than quantity. ( This includes starchy snacks such as potatoes chips )  To best cut down on the acids from sugary drinks & snacks, it is to incorporate these foods & drinks with your meals.
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