Sunday, November 29, 2015

Teeth Tattoos- New Fashion Trend!

Did you Know?  Teeth tattoos are a cool new way "fashion trend" that are the rage!

The concept is exactly what it sounds like.  Tooth meets ink.  They are as vibrant as any other tattoo you would get on any other part of your body- and they are just a permanent, too (as long as the crown last). An image is placed on a cap/crown by Suburban Laboratory in Bloomfield, Conn., where their staff specializes in chomper customization.  They range in prices, but mostly fall under $200.00 (not including the fee for the cap/crown).

The catch is, that the tattoo goes on the cap/crown, not your tooth.  This of course is a good thing since spending hours under the a tattoo gun hammering into your teeth would be rather painful/stressful/traumatizing experience !

Check out these examples :