Friday, October 14, 2011

Ergonomics & the Dental Professional

  • "The chair you sit in & the bed you sleep in should be your most valuable investments for your back health." Linda Meeuwenberg, RDH, MA, MA, FADIA
  • Embrace a healthy lifestyle.  Exercise daily including aerobic & strength building especially in the core, neck, shoulders.
  • Practice deep breathing & stretching exercises throughout the day for a mini break.
  • Get proper diagnosis. Work with a specialist in neck/back/shoulder disorders. Physical/Occupational Therapy.
  • Invest in magnification & lighting systems that correct posture. Don't sacrifice on cheap systems as they can increase your pain/discomfort.
  • Ignore symptoms and more permanent problems will follow.
  • LAUGH often! Life is short!
    Thank you Linda for an informative & enjoyable presentation -"Postural Stress-Managing Occupational Pain" @ the Sarasota County Dental Association (SCDA) last night!

    For more information on the role of Ergonomics & the Dental Professional visit Linda's Website @

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