Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Do Your Teeth Complement Your Face Shape?

Do Your Teeth Complement your Face Shape?

Do Your Teeth Complement your Face Shape?

You've heard about having a haircut that flatters your face shape, and using makeup contouring to define facial features has been practiced since the dawn of the blush brush. But have you thought about whether your smile complements your unique features?

If you're thinking about getting veneers to enhance the look of your smile, there are important factors you have to consider. First and foremost: face shape. Otherwise, your smile won't look natural. If your veneers don't complement the overall features they look unnatural.

Here are some standards to go by:

If you have a SMALL face-Steer clear of long, square-shaped veneers. They may look too dominant and throw off your overall proportion.

If your face is FULLER -Slightly longer teeth are your best bet because they can create a slimming effect.

If your face is THIN -Avoid thin, long teeth, which will make the face look longer. Broaden your smile with slightly wider teeth to break up the length and add fullness.

If your face is ANGULAR or SQUARE-SHAPED - Softer edges (on the teeth) will help soften the smile.  Sharp angles may look too harsh.

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