Sunday, March 11, 2012

Tru- Align-Rectangular Collimation-Reduces Radiation To Your Patients & Team!

Tru-Align- Rectangular Collimation

Every professional in the healing arts (Medical/Dental) when taking x-rays should follow the ALARA PRINCIPLES.  It stands for "As Low As Reasonably Achievable"

The NRCP-National Council on Radiation & the ADA both recommend the above guidelines for taking radiographs.

A new device, called the Tru-Align by IDI-Interactive Diagnostic Imaging , meets these recommendations by providing a perfect alignment using rectangular collimation.

The Green Zone is a dental office that uses Tru-Align Technology to reduce dental x-ray radiation by up to five-fold.

I am proud to be a Green Zone Dentist for the past year.  Our office is committed to giving a reduced amount of radiation in every x-ray we take-for children and adults
In addition, using the Tru-Align also provides a safer environment for my team & patients!

In Summary, the benefits of Tru-Align are:
  • Up to 70% reduction of radiation dose to the patients & provider
  • Improve image quality due to less scattered radiation
  • Reduces retakes since it aligns the radiographs
  • Adapts to any round x-ray tube head-capturing images for both analog and digital radiographs
  • Affordable technology
  • Minimal learning curve
For more information about Tru-Align, please visit the website @
Lunch & Learns: Contact Shawn Rhodus @ 941.400.5052

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