Sunday, September 16, 2012

Tips To Prevent Dental Anxiety For Your Kids

Not Your Kid!

Kids' fear of "going to the dentist"is usually anticipatory & unfounded.  Here are a few tips to help eradicate the potential for life-time dental anxiety by ensuring positive dental experiences throughout childhood.

SHOW NO FEAR: Even if you experience anxiety, do not communicate this to your child.

SET THE BAR HIGH: Demonstrate excellent home care & encourage your child to practice to an age-appropriate level.  Pitch in when necessary.

START EARLY: Call us to discuss the best time to start your child's dental visits, beginning with a get-to-know-us appointment, and if we complete an oral exam,you will be right by your child's side.  Afterwards, make the day even more special by going out to lunch or catching a movie together.

INSTILL PRIDE: Praise your child for taking good care of their smile,not their bravery


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Nothing beats with starting young. Teach kids the importance of oral hygiene at an early age. It is also important to teach them the proper way of doing it.

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Healthy and strong teeth are an important part of child health. Children's teeth start to develop before they are born. There are two sets of teeth first is milk teeth and second is permanent teeth.

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