Sunday, September 11, 2016

Helpful Hints for Healthy Mouth :)

The key to good oral health are good habits!  It is less about the kind of toothbrush you use (Electric vs Manual), more about which one works best for you!
Consistent brushing and flossing is the simple way to prevent major oral health problems, yet 50% of us don't brush twice a day & even fewer floss.

Regular product maintenance & dental visits are a health need, yet 75% of us don't replace our TB when the bristles are worn/frayed, or visit the dentist regularly.

 Brushing AM & PM                                                       


* AM brushing is important, but pm is more crucial! 

Daytime Maintenance 

* If you do not have a TB, rinsing with water after eating  or chewing sugarless gum is a nice compromise even though this does not replace brushing , it helps !

Daily Flossing

* Flossing is even more important than brushing, yet many of us fail to do so. Remember, you do not have to floss your teeth , just the ones you want to keep :)

It's not always what you use, is how you use it

* You do not need an inch of paste as the TV ads suggest, all you need is a pea-size portion of paste.

   Brush Gently 
    * Brushing harder does not mean brushing better & is the main cause of receding gums. Brush gently griping your TB in your fingertips.

Angle @ 45 degrees

* The main focus of brushing should be removing debris b/n teeth & gums. Angling your brush @ 45 degrees is helpful.

Hidden surfaces

* Hidden surfaces of you teeth are most susceptible to plaque leading to decay since they are often forgotten.  Be sure to brush all surfaces of your teeth!

Full 2 Minutes

  • * Brushing for 2 minutes is a start, making sure you brush all surfaces of your tooth

Tongue Cleaner 

* Scraping/ Brushing your tongue gently helps fights against bad breath (Halitosis)
Do/Don't Rinse
 * Rinsing & drying your TB is a great way to keep it bacteria free, but to get the full effect of your Tp, spit, do not rinse
Storage of Your TB

* Store your TB away from the toilet & Other brushes using a cup 0r stand to allow bristles to remain upright & allowed to dry.



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