Friday, November 18, 2011

Why does My Dentist Prescribe Medication?

Dentist Prescribe  Medications for several reasons
Why does my Dentist Prescribe Medication?
Your dentist prescribes medications for many reasons.  While some drugs are formulated to fight oral diseases , others are used to prevent infections after surgical procedures such as tooth extractions & periodontal (gum) surgery. Certain drugs are used prior to dental treatment. These Medications are used to prevent secondary infections (prophylactic antibiotics) with those who have had joint replacements ( -ie- hip or knee replacements) , anti-anxiety drugs such as Valium or Xanax & medications for oral sedation such as Halcion. Your dentist will discuss with you the medications you will be taking, when you will take them & why.
What should I find out about my Medication?
Inform Your Dentist on all the Prescription & Over-The-Counter Medications
Remember to list the vitamins you are taking

Ask your dentist what you should be look for after you have begun treatment. Ask about common side effects and what you should do if you experience them. Also ask about anything you should not take with the new drug,since the drug mat interact with other prescription & OTC medications and with certain foods. (in our office, we use a specialized software, Lexicomp,  to help us to prevent drug interactions). Every prescription dispensed by a pharmacist comes with a patient information sheet describing everything you need to know about that drug. If you take several medications,keep a diary to check your daily intake & note any symptoms.     
What Should My Dentist Know About My Medical History?
It is important to share with your dentist your medical history and the medication you are taking,especially for serious conditions such as kidney,lung,heart or liver disease. Some dental medications have the potential to interact with other drugs  cause you harm or failure of treatment.
Do not assume your dentist knows your medical history.  The most common cause of drug-related interactions is the doctor's lack of information about your medical history.  Update and review your history every time you see the dentist. In addition to informing your dentist of the past prescriptions, tell him or her  about any adverse reactions.  Include any vitamins,supplements or herbal remedies you take on a list, as well as any diet plans.                                                                 
Herbal supplements should also be documented in your updated Medical History

What should I Know about my Prescriptions?
When taking medications by your dentist it is important to finish it (Particularly- Antibiotics). Many people take prescribe medicine,only until they feel better. Dosages are exact & are necessary to fight or prevent infections. By taking medications only until you feel better, all the drug has done is eliminate susceptible microorganisms and left the ones that tend to become drug resistant. Ask your dentist before you take and non-prescription medications,vitamins,herbal remedies or dietary supplements.

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