Monday, May 28, 2012

5 Facts About Apples

Apples- Nutritious & Healthy!
If you & your family are living life on the run-or on the the freeway-try a low-cal affordable nutritious snack.  It's an ideal way to get a quick energy pickup without spills or container cleanup.

Here's what apples offer.....
  1. Pectin : is a soluble fiber that helps maintain your digestive system & lowers blood pressure, glucose levels and LDL (bad cholesterol).
  2. Quercetin : is a flavonoid which may reduce the risk of cancers & free radical damage implicated in age-related health problems.
  3. Phytonutrients : including vitamins A and E and beta carotene can help reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, asthma, and cancers.
  4. Boron : Supports a healthy brain and strong teeth & bones.
  5. Vitamin C : boosts immunity and keeps gums healthy.
* I guess it's true- An apple a day will keep the doctor away !

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