Friday, May 11, 2012

Toothbrushes Through the Ages

Historic toothbrushes: siwak stick; Taub’s patent toothbrush; gum stimulator; Strockway rotary; Dr. Mayland's.
National Museum of Dentistry
Toothbrushes through the ages, from left to right:
Siwak sticks, or "chew sticks," like those on the far left and far right have been used since Babylonian times, particularly among Muslim and African cultures.
Taub's patent toothbrush had a convex, semicircular design made to conform to the tongue side of the teeth. This early 20th-century design was made out of celluloid.
Next is a rubber-tipped combination gum-stimulator and toothbrush with an aluminum handle, pre-1945.
The Strockway rotary toothbrush was designed with long and short bristle tufts to enable them to go over and in between the teeth as the toothbrush was rolled along the teeth. Circa 1950s.
Dr. Mayland's toothbrush with rubber points instead of bristles, circa 1920s.
The Rotor toothbrush was designed to clean the teeth vertically, circa 1930s.

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