Monday, June 4, 2012

De-Sress For Life

De-Stress For Health

You're a busy person with a full life and a ton of responsibilities. Sometimes it's overwhelming. People react to stress by fighting it, fleeing from it, freezing, or just shutting down, The WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION cites depression, anxiety, & related mood disorders as the prevalent causes of chronic illness in young to middle age adults.
This is very worrisome to us because stress also directly affects oral health. Bruxism (teeth grinding) or clenching, and even the lack of attention to preventive homecare routines all stems from stress
There are great ways to ditch stress-triggers in your life... Simplify. Learn to say no. Meditate. Schedule alone-time. Unplug & go for a long walk. And ensure your recare appointment w/ us so you can chill in our chair while you care for your dental needs, helping to ensure your prime oral health.

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