Friday, July 13, 2012


                        Other Oral Care Benefits of Chewing Sugarfree Gum Include:

  • Stimulates saliva flow:By stimulating saliva production, chewing sugarfree gum can be an important defence mechanism to help protect teeth.
  • Reduce plaque: Chewing sugarfree gum has been associated with a reduction in the quantity & development of plaque on teeth and a reduction in the acid-forming ability of plaque.
  • Neutralize acids: Salivary stimulation by chewing sugarfree after snacks or meals containing fermentable carbohydrate has been demonstrated to reduce the acidogenic potential of foods significantly.
  • Remineralize enamel: Stimulated saliva helps to restore minerals in tooth enamel as levels of calcium & phosphate ions in the saliva increases due to stimulation caused by chewing gum.
  • Clean the mouth of food debris: Chewing sugarfree gum increaseses the rate of food debris clearance from teeth compared with not chewing gum during the initial 15 minutes after eating.
  • Relieve dry mouth (Xerostomia) discomfort: Stimulation of salivary flow caused by chewing gum can relieve some of the discomfort of xerostomia.  In fact, chewing sugarfree gum has shown to be one of the most preferred treatments of xerostomia.

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