Sunday, July 8, 2012


Vit. C,Omega 3,Fiber & Antioxidants
 Strawberries: Nutrients & Omega 3.  Just a 1/2 cup provides over 70% of daily Vit. C, plus fiber & antioxidants.

Helps Kills Cancer Cells & Decreases Cholesteral
 Cherries: (87 calories/ cup) . Eating 1 cup of cherries 3x/wk can shed 5lbs this summer.  Loaded w/ anthocyanins>>>helps kills cancer cells and decreases cholesterol by 10%.

Bell Peppers: Loaded w/ Beta Carotene, antioxidants & Vit. C. Great on the grill!

Beta Carotene, Vit. C & Antioxidants

Zucchini-Summer Squash: Great source of Magnesium & Potassium. Toss on the grill a delicious side dish.

Great Source Of Magnesium & Potassium

Prevents Fluid Retention

 Parsley: Each cup contains 984 milligrams of Vit. K>>>prevents fluid retention>lose lbs when used daily. ( mayo,omelette's,burgers,rice,potatoes...)

More Cancer Fighting Antioxidants Than Even Broccoli

Blackberries: Superstar of the slimming fruits-62 calories/cup. Great source of an appetite taming fiber>>>Maganese> a tough to find mineral that helps cells soak up & burn fats.  Contains 220% more cancer fighting antioxidants than even broccoli.

The Seeds Have More Nutrients Than The Flesh Itself
 Figs: Super fruit>>> Potassium, fiber, foliate & vitamins for heart health. *the seeds release even more nutrients & omega fats than the flesh itself*

An Internal Sunblock
 Watermelon: Loaded w/ lycopene> a plant compound that acts likes an internal sunblock, upping your protection against damaging UV rays by as much as 46%>>>helping to prevent collagen damage & skin sagging.

Cherry Tomatoes: Fat burning potential off the charts. 1 cup daily>>>sheds up to 3 lbs / month. Also a great source of antioxidants.

Fat Burning Potential & Antioxidants

Improve Circulation & Fight Free Radicals
 Blueberries: Improve circulation, fight free radicals. In addition to just eating a handful of these yummy treats, you can puree them & add them in hamburger patties for added moisture & flavor!

Anti-inflammatory enzymes
 Green Beans: Feel full almost 2x quickly>>>anti-inflammatory enzymes>helps flush excess water weight out of cellulite prone areas.

Decreases Heart Disease By 30%
 Cantaloupe: One of the most filling fruits you can find. Just 1/2 cup squashes hunger pangs up to 2 hrs.  Packed w/ Vit. C>>>helps blocks artery clogging plague>decrease heart disease by 30%

 Slashes Risk of Stomach Cancer By 30%
 Garlic: Sneak a clove into a meal & your hunger pangs could disappear w/i 10 minutes of enjoying the first few bites. One clove a day can also slash your risk of stomach cancer by 30%>>>contains allicin & gyercetin.

Decreases Heart Disease, Birth Defects & Colon Cancer
 Beets: Great source of Vit B> foliate>>> decreases heart disease , birth defects & certain cancers-especially colon cancer.

Appetite Taming & Stalls Growth Of Cataracks
 Sweet Corn: Appetite taming protein, plus 138 milligrams of phenylalaline>>>amino acid that quickly sucks into brain cells dampens carb carvings for up 3 hrs. Also contains Lutein & Zeoxantin>>>antioxidant> stalls the growth of cataracts.

Shuts Down Sugar Cravings
 Pluots (Dinosaur Eggs): due to the odd coloring> 2/day>>your ticket to slim.  Sweet flavor & delicate fruity scent & when their distinctive taste and smell reaches the brain olfactory nerve, they can shut down sugar cravings in a little as 5 minutes.

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