Wednesday, August 22, 2012

National Tooth Fairy Day!

National Tooth Fairy Day

When: Always February 28th and or August 22nd

National Tooth Fairy Day celebrates a childhood's favorite visitor.  The Tooth Fairy is an American tradition with European and superstitious roots.

Losing baby teeth is sometimes traumatic experience for young children, Enter the world of the friendly, smiling, soothing Tooth Fairy.  As a young child's first baby tooth becomes lose, the child often fears losing it.  The promise of a visit form the Tooth Fairy & a gift, turns the occasion into something to look forward to.  When the tooth finally falls out, Mom cleans it off.  It is often put into a "tooth box" @ bedtime, the child puts the tooth under his/hers pillow.  The Tooth Fairy comes after the child falls asleep.  She takes the tooth & leaves a small gift, usually money, every time the child loses a tooth.

Never Fear! : If the tooth is literally lost in someway, don't worry.  The Tooth Fairy always knows, & will still leave a gift.  She magically knows each time a baby tooth falls out, and will arrive that night,even if the child is away @ Grandmas or on vacation.

Male or Female?: There is ongoing debate whether the Tooth Fairy is male or female.  But it is pretty obvious, "She" is most definitely a female.

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